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The Value of Evaluating University Students Essay Example for Free

The Value of Evaluating University Students Essay Education can be referred to as the development of character together with the persons mental powers . It encompasses teaching as well as learning of specific skills . It imparts knowledge on a person who is getting educated. Education plays a very critical role in the development and growth of each and every person . It is considered to equip a person with the knowledge that is required in day-to-day activities that one may undertake. The potentials of a person are put into maximum use through the process of education. This is because education empowers a person to use his or her skills, or talents to maximum use. Education enables a human being to be in his proper sense. Education is very important in a person’s life. The values that education gives to a person are incomparable with those of an uneducated person. Education is considered important for several reasons. One is that, it trains a person `s mind. An individual can be able to learn and practice it. It also makes a person to become a right thinker. This means, that one can be able to think wisely and appropriately . It enables one to think and make decisions as required. Education is very crucial that in enabling people to receive information from the external world . One can be able to learn about different states or regions in the world and the occurrences in those particular places. Past history information can be acquired through education. Present necessary information as well. Education has different levels depending on the content of education at that level. Age also determines which level of education one should be in. Globally university education is the highest institution of learning. It offers knowledge and skills that are very specific to certain profession. For example students are trained depending on the profession that they want to be in after completing their education. In most universities, students are evaluated through examinations. In this essay, the subject of whether university students should be evaluated will be discussed. Evaluation assists tutors or lecturers to find out what knowledge, skills, attitudes or behaviour the course has instilled to the students (William, 2006). Through examinations as a way of evaluation, students are able to give to the lecturer what they understood or learnt from a certain course. Evaluation assists lecturers to set clear, measurable and realistic objectives of the course to be taught . The lecturer can be able to find out how much students can learn over a given period of time. For example, a course with a lot of content if covered over a very short period of time, students may fail to understand it better showed by poor performance in their examinations. Through evaluating students, a lecturer can develop and select the course content that can achieve the goals of that particular course. The students understanding of the course indicated by evaluating him or her shows this. This helps in ensuring the quality education given to the students in maintained at all times, or even improved. Evaluation encourages seriousness of the student to education. The methods of evaluation used demand that students must read thoroughly, as well as understand the content of the course. This means that the knowledge can be absorbed in the students mind. They can also apply the skills in their practical work correctly. Teamwork spirit is promoted amongst the students. This is whereby assignments that are down in teams encourage sharing of knowledge and ideas. They can work together to ensure they achieve their main objective, which is their success in that course. Evaluation encourages solving of problems in a course if they arise . For example failure of students to understand a particular course may be as a result of other factors . For example, poor lecturing or poor concentration of students in class. The problem can be addressed to ensure success. Evaluation promotes hard work in students Assignments or an exam obligates a student to research, learn and even understand much better. Evaluation has its negative face also . It may promote vices in the education system. The necessity of the student to pass evaluation tests may cause them to cheat during the examinations. This is whereby students may carry reference materials, where they can refer to for the correct and accurate answers. This lowers the value of education that the student gets. Selective reading and understanding of the course by the students may be encouraged by exposure to the evaluation tests. The students concentrate on reading and understanding, only what might be examined . The student cannot therefore acquire, all the required skills and knowledge that the course should give him or her. Evaluation may not always show the true ability of a student. For example, a student may be given a low grade simply because he or she never excelled in a certain test. Unfortunately, it might be that the student was only evaluated on few topics that he or she did not understand . If one would be examined all topics of the course, they would get a good grade. Students evaluation at the universities should be done but care should be taken to ensure there is high quality of education maintained. References William M. 2006. Research Methods Knowledge Base. Introduction to Evaluation. Education Evaluation 1

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